Each day is different at St. Peters School. Different times, different activities and different staff members. There is always something new and exciting for your children to participate in!

To the right is our weekly timetable, including the timings for our sessions, snack buffet, and lunch. All of which is subject to change.

We have activities for everyone: dolls, cars, playdough, daily arts & crafts, sand & water play, barbies, reading books, trains, dress up, dinosaurs, kitchens, duplo, beauty salons, and workbench. Within every session, we always have paper and pens/pencil available for the children to create their own masterpieces. 


Our facilities enable both indoor and outdoor play, which means we can offer "free flow play". Our all weather surface allows for ride-on cars, slides, scooters, mud play and our new building shapes!! 


At the end of every session, we enjoy circle time which involves singing, dancing, group reading and discuss the day so far as well as our weekly theme!!

Breakfast Club

Our breakfast club commences every day from 8:15 to the beginning of the session.


We provide a selection of cereal, fruits, and even toast!


Everyone is eligible and welcome to join the breakfast club, all we ask is for a small fee.

     For children who have used their 30 hours, we ask for £2.50

     & for children who have used either their 30 hours or have

     any of their universal 15 hours left, we ask for just 50p.


Our Lunches

Children can sit down to eat their healthy pack lunch at 11:45 every day. We offer a lunch club for those children who choose to not stay all day.



Forest School

One of our communities partners is with Second Nature Forest School, Forest Leader: Julie Ebbs.


This program runs from September to October half term and then again later in the year, from after Easter break until the summer holidays.

Activities Include:

+ Exploring the nearby woods

+ Playing on rope swings and ladders
+ Learning how to use a drill with guidance
+ Leaf Rubbing
+ Arts & Crafts
+ Nature Fun

Here are some photos to see all the fun we get up to!!

To find out more, check out our page on forest school, their

facebook page or the website linked below.


How we time our sessions*:

*All of which is subject to change

the forest school