We pride ourselves on always taking our parents feedback into consideration. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our friendly preschool and encourage all the feedback we can get.


Check out some of our feedback below, taken from our facebook page:


"an amazing pre school and fab stuff that truly care for the children. my son loved it here." - Sarah Major (15/07/20)

"our daughter couldn't be happier with her school and if she's happy, I'm happy!" - Kraig Mariachi Bradley (05/11/19)

"Lovely pre school with very caring staff. My daughter struggled at a previous private nursery and cried every single day so we decided to move her and we were very nervous about doing this but Sarah and Helen welcomed her with open arms made sure she was calm and happy and she has fun every single day and now goes in smiling. I can’t thank these ladies enough for looking after my little princess so well" - Lia Thompson (02/05/19)

"My daughter attended here last year and absolutely loved it. The staff are lovely and they helped my daughter settle in beautifully. She still mentions the preschool now saying that she misses it and can’t wait for September when her little brother will be joining there so she can pop in and see everybody :)" - Kirstie Robinson (06/02/19)


"Cannot recommend this preschool enough!
The staff are amazing, approachable, friendly and helpful. 
My daughter loved going here and it really helped prepare her for school" - Louisa Mara (04/02/19)


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"My son and daughter both attended St Peter’s and they both loved it. They always had so many different things for them to do and it got them prepared for starting school. 
The staff are great, so kind and helpful. It’s such a lovely place for children to start their schooling journey." - Helen Saunders (06/02/19) 


"All 4 of my children used St. Peter’s. I would highly recommend. All staff have been fantastic addressing the needs of my children individually and preparing them for school. 
Staff have always been approachable and friendly. Sad that this era has now passed." - Bex Goddard (12/12/18)

"My son loves going to school here. Absolutely recommend" - Johanna Connolly (27/02/18)


"Absolutely fantastic Pre school! My son loves going to nursery here and is always happy when he's there. Great friendly staff and overall a lovely safe environment for my son to thrive in. Couldn't recommend enough!! Xx" - Lynsey Pike-Green (17/07/17)


"Such a fantastic preschool, my little boy looks forward to going so much and is always talking at home about the things he has done there xx" - Tracy Sullivan (27/09/15)