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Week 7!!

13th March 2020

Despite all the worry of the outside world this week, we are pleased to say that we had our highest attendance figures this week so please rest assured that at present there is no risk when bringing your children into preschool. A letter was sent out to parents informing them of the steps we have taken so far as well as futures one in any eventuality caused by the Coronavirus. We will keep you updated with regards to any risk within the setting and of course if we are forced to close. For now though, we carry on as normal and follow advice and guidelines which were issued last Thursday.

This week we have been exploring Maths with weighing and measuring, we used dry ingredients and let the children try to balance the scales by guessing how much more or less they needed. They all worked well together, taking turns and sharing all the equipment nicely.

We have also been practicing our literacy skills too by writing letters in salt trays. Starting by finding the letters to our name, then spelling it out with letter tiles in preparation for those starting school in September.

The children have also used their creative skills this week by painting on plates in a spinner, lots of discussions were taking place about colours, mixing and “merging” to create new ones. As you can see, they created a whole array of new colours and designs!

Furthermore, the children had the opportunity to prepare their own snack again this week. They chose bananas and cucumber, which a few chopped up and portioned it out into bowls to serve to the other children.

Additionally, we held an exercise group in the garden. All the children followed instructions from Danielle so well. It seems they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They then played Simon Says after and again were able to follow the rules of the game whilst having lots of fun.

Forest School went ahead this week and again the children really enjoyed it. They made wishing sticks, went across the rope bridge and developed their fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination by hammering pegs into the ground.

Stay safe and we'll see you for another fun-filled week at St.Peters on Monday!

Sara Collom, manager.

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