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Week 5 (2020/21)

As you can see from the photos, we have had a busy couple of weeks.

We have welcomed 15 new children and families since September and as the photos taken over the last couple of weeks show, all our children are playing together nicely and sharing the toys. Our new starters have all settled really well and our returning children have adapted to our new routines and procedures we have in place due to Covid.

We finally started forest school this week. Julie was delighted to be back and the children were equally delighted to see her! The children went across the rope bridge, climbed trees, practiced their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination using hammers and nails, found lots of bugs and insects, had running races, danced in the field and finished off with a story and a snack. They had so much fun and will be doing it all again next Friday!

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be setting “next steps” for our children, we have been observing all of our children to establish which areas of development are their individual strengths and where they may need additional help, we base their next steps on these observations.

We will discuss them with parents and suggest ways they can support their children at home. We will also be sending home/school diaries home detailing what we have been doing in sessions. If any of our parents have their child’s diary at home from before lockdown can you please bring it next week.

See you next week for more fun and adventures!

St Peters Preschool.

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