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Week 5!

28th February 2020

Our first week back started very quietly but we quickly picked up pace and celebrated Shrove Tuesday (pancake day!). In the morning, we did a creative activity involving cutting and sticking pancake toppings onto paper pancakes. Then in the afternoon we had real pancakes at snack time with a selection of toppings, some children even tasted the real lemons we had, making it a fantastic sensory activity for the children.

On Wednesday, we made cakes from the left over ingredients from Tuesday, as always the children loved helping out and eating them for snack in the afternoon.

One of our staff members brought in a yoga book and the children had fun copying yoga poses during this session. In the garden the children decided to draw faces on the floor so we spoke about expressions and feelings whilst they were doing it.

Later in the week another member of staff wanted to start a new wall display so decided to make a hand print poster, the children enjoyed adding their prints to the design and as you can see they were all very eager!

The children also prepared their own snack again on Thursday, they had fruit loaf which they could spread butter onto if they wanted. Even the younger ones had a go, showing their confidence and independence.

Due to the weather not being great this week we decided to bring some of the outside resources inside. We brought the hoops in and the children really enjoyed playing with them in such a big space. We have a child with a physical impairment who was also able to fully enjoy the fun!

We decided not to go ahead with Forest School this week due to unpredictable weather but the children enjoyed watching the brief snow fall from inside this week. We are hoping we can run Forest School next week once the weather calms down a bit.

We ended the week on Friday by planting cress seeds for the children to take home, look after and hopefully make some cress to show everyone.

Sara Collom, manager.

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