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Week 4!

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

18th February 2020

Love Is In The Air…..Especially in our garden...

We celebrated Valentines Day this week with a range of activities: we made rice crispy chocolate cakes with heart sweets early in the week and then heart-shaped biscuits to send home on Friday.

As well as making yummy treats for Valentines Day, the children also made up a poem for their families and decorated it with their footprints, they all had great fun painting their feet and seeing the prints on the paper! We also played with red jelly making heart shapes and exploring the textures of the jelly using our hands. The children were using some lovely words such as “sticky”, “slimy” and “squelchy” to describe how it felt.

The weather has improved this week so we spent a lot more time in our garden, which the children are able to access whenever they choose. As you can see from the photos we have a range of activities for the children to do and lots of open-ended resources so they can use their imaginations. The children were showing interest in our hopscotch carpet last week, so this week we drew hopscotch in our garden, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

We explored our senses further by mixing shaving foam and paint together, the children loved getting messy and creating their pictures to take home, again they were using fantastic vocabulary to describe the feeling of the foam and paint mixed together as well as how it felt in their hands and fingers.

Some of the children are showing a real interest in space at the moment so we decided to make number rockets, the children enjoyed finding the numbers and putting them in order to make their rockets, this was a fantastic opportunity to promote number recognition.

It is half term next week so we wish all of our children and families a fantastic half term!

We return on Monday 24th February with Forest School starting again on the 28th February…..We cannot wait!

Sara Collom, manager

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