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Week 3 (2020/21)

As you can see, our children have been very busy this week.

We did some welly printing early in the week which the children really enjoyed, we have used the picture to create a bigger wall display in the hall, we will post photos of the children’s final creation on here in a couple of weeks.

We were so disappointed that we could not start forest school this week as it was so wet outside. Instead, we decided to bring the outside inside on Friday morning, we had the garden toys in the hall so the children did not miss out on playing on the large equipment or running around.

We have seen the children play together so well and they are working together to build things and find bugs in the garden which they then name and bring into the hall for further investigation.

The children have also been asking to do Yoga again, they enjoyed copying each other’s poses and encouraged our new starters to join in too. As you can see from the pictures, they had lots of fun.

The children are having plenty of fun and interaction with both staff and other children, we had a couple of new starters this week who have settled in well and another couple start next week. We are confident they will settle in as well as all of our other new starters.

We hope to start forest school this week so please ensure you bring suitable clothing and footwear for your child. You will be able to bring a bag in with your child on Friday for any spare clothes or shoes but please name everything you bring in.

We would like to say thank you again to our families for supporting us, following our policies and helping to keep us all safe during these unprecedented times. Your understanding is always appreciated. There is a QR code on the main door, you will only need to scan this if you enter the building, all staff are scanning it so we will pass on any relevant information regarding track and trace to you directly.

St Peters Preschool.

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