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Week 3!

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

7th February 2020

Exploring our senses...

This week we have been exploring our touch senses. We used our sensory tray and filled it with pinecones then we hid various textured objects in it.

The children enjoyed hunting and finding the objects using their touch senses and were coming out with some fantastic words such as spiky, squidgy and bumpy to describe what they could feel!

Lots of mark-making has been happening throughout the week too, we had whiteboards in the garden, letter worksheets, pencils and paper and our light-up boards and pens. The children really enjoyed our book this week, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', they have been reciting and acting out the story independently using our puppets and resources.

Furthermore, the children took advantage of

the rainfall in the garden this week by making soups with rain-filled containers and then cooking it in our mud kitchens.

In our creative area we used a salad spinner to mix paints, the children love doing this and it teaches them about mixing colours and their effects of this too. The spinning and mixing also helps with their core muscles too!

We finished the week on Friday making vegetarian sausage rolls, which the children had for a snack that morning. The children thoroughly enjoy making their own snack so we have decided that for one morning a week they will prepare and cook a snack of their choice. A few of our children then asked to wash up and dry everyone’s bowls, what lovely helpful children we have!!

On Friday afternoon, we planted some pansies, the children all got a plant to take home and once they have watered and looked after them they are going to tell us what colour their pansy is once it has started to flower.

That is the end of another fun-filled week here at St.Peters!

Sara Collom, manager

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