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Week 2!

31st January 2020

Its all about our imaginations……

We have had another very busy week and again the children have decided how as well as what they would like to play with.

We have seen a lot of role play this week: a store with real food teaching the children about shopping, weighing and money.

Additionally, the children have been styling our hair in our beauty salon and we have had construction workers in the garden building a bridge with wooden blocks demonstrating amazing teamwork!

The children also made a bus out of the chairs and all went on a journey with each child telling the driver where they wanted to go.

As well as this large-scale role play, we have been exploring the sea with pirates and looking at the animals who live in the sea.

We have all worked together and created a fantastic wall display to show what we have learnt using various materials and methods of design.

Some of our older children have been practicing writing their name in preparation for school, we use various methods to help the children write their name including lots of opportunities for mark making and copying using various resources; this week we were using magnetic letters.

We have also had lots of maths fun this week using magnetic numbers and unit cubes matching numerals to actual amounts. With the younger children, we have been reinforcing colour recognition by using a colour matching game.

Wednesday was great fun as our parachute was brought out. We played games and took turns, then the children all hid underneath and counted to 5 before it being lifted off.

The week was finished off on Friday afternoon, with some baking of chocolate cookies for the children to take home for the weekend.

Sara Collom, manager

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