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Week 12 (2020/21)

As you can see, we had another week of lots of different activities with our children.

We made shortbread biscuits with the children this week, but we were so busy making them we forgot to take photos. We will make sure we capture our cooking creations next week for all to see!

We had lots of fun in our garden this week, playing games such as ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ and singing ring game songs. The children enjoyed exploring the pipes and putting different objects through them to see which comes out the quickest. They also loved playing with a long piece of elastic to see how far it will stretch.

We had the play dough out a few times this week, the children have their own named pot and we make sure they do not touch anyone else’s, we have had it out with smaller groups previously but decided to make it a more regular resource as it always was before COVID-19. The children have adapted to these rules so well and really enjoy being able to use play dough again.

On Friday we brought the easels in from the garden to use in our creative area, so many children made full use of them when they were inside showing us the children like it when we change things around, we ended up with some beautiful creations!

Another fun packed week is planned for next week, as usual, pictures will be posted for all to see.

Sara and the staff at Peters Preschool.

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