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Our First Weekly Update!!

Updated: Jan 26, 2020


As always, we have had a huge variety of resources out, here are some highlights of our week and some activities which the children initiated themselves.

This week we have been investigating the newly formed ice in the garden, the children had great fun breaking it up and playing with it, they use their imaginations and turned the ice into cars in the garage and food in our mud kitchen!

We made our own musical instruments this week and had great fun playing them at the end of the session creating our very own band.

Some of the children decided our dollies needed a bath so we made a bathing within our home corner and the children bathed an dressed the dollies.

It was too wet to go outside during one session so we got the climbing frame out, the children queued and waited for their turn very patiently and followed the rules of the climbing frame, they all got a sticker for their patience and following the rules.

Following this, in the afternoon, when it was still too wet to go out, we decided to burn off some energy by making our own train and picking up passengers as we went around the hall, the children initiated the idea all by themselves!

As always, we provided plenty of mark making opportunities for the children and this week, we chose to use salt, the children loved writing their initials in the salt using a range of tools.

We finished the week off making banana cakes, which we then had for snack on Friday morning, they were delicious an enjoyed by all!

I hope you have enjoyed gaining an insight into our week at preschool, for notifications of when there is a new blog post, check out our facebook page. This is linked on the menu bar in the top right corner.

Sara Collom, Manager

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