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Friday 22nd May 2020

We hope you are all having a good week and enjoying the sunshine!

Thank you to everyone who sent photo’s in during the last week, we love seeing what the children have been getting up to.

We received some fantastic news this week, one of our children, Rhys, has become a very proud big brother to Lily!! His Mum has sent in a photo which we have included this week, both Mum and Lily are doing well and Rhys is “besotted” with her.

We have noticed that lots of you have been doing yoga, which is great, we had just started doing it during our sessions led by Vikki, the children (and staff) enjoyed it so much it’s lovely to see you keeping it up.

During this lovely weather, it is a great opportunity to play outside and get messy with water, paints, sand and even slime. It is also an opportunity for planting seeds and watching them grow, even if you do not have a garden you can plant some seeds in pots. We know some of you have been planting and growing various fruit and vegetables already and we are looking forward to seeing the results. We would be sending home various seedlings which the children would have planted if we were open and explaining what the seeds would need to grow and how to care for them at home.

September seems a long way off but if you have a child due to start school in September you need to start thinking about uniforms, Penn UK based in Kents Hill Road is going to be your supplier for all your school named uniform essentials. Due to the current lockdown, they are advising that you order now to ensure uniforms will be ready for September due to supplier issues and demands they are having, even if lockdown rules relax, social distancing will still be in place meaning they are unable to serve as many customers in a day as they normally would and for anyone who has ever been in there during the summer, it is usually a very busy place. Their website address is we strongly advise you to start ordering your school named uniforms now.

We hope you have a lovely half term and this gorgeous weather continues. Please continue to send in your photo’s, there will be no update next week so look out for the next one during the first week in June.

Take care

Sara and all the staff at St Peter’s

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