Safeguarding and Requirement: Child Protection

The safeguarding policy and procedures must include an explanation of the action to be taken in the event of an allegation being made against a member of staff and cover the use of mobile phones and cameras in the setting.

1.6 Online Safety including Mobile

Phone and Recording devices policy



We recognise that people may wish to have their personal mobile phones at work for use in case of an emergency. It is acknowledged that people may also have other technological devices in their possession or within their personal belongings. Safeguarding of children within our setting is paramount and it is recognised that personal mobile phones and technological devices have the potential to be used inappropriately and therefore we have implemented the following policy.


Statutory Regulation

The Early Years Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements (para 3.4) require all settings to have a clear policy on the use of mobile phones and recording devices.


St Peters Code of Conduct

The St Peters Code of Conduct  for all staff states  “St Peter’s Thundersley Pre School does not permit the use of personal mobile phones and cameras by staff where children are present”


Use of personal devices by staff and volunteers

  • Staff may use their mobile phones and technological devices outside of working hours on our premises providing no children are present.

  • Mobile phones and technological devices should be stored in bags and on silent and never used whilst children are present.

  • Staff are allowed to use their mobile phones or technological devices in the foyer during breaks .

  • If staff ignore this policy they will face disciplinary action.

  • The pre school mobile’s number can be used for emergencies by staff and volunteers by people who need to contact them.

  • In circumstances such as outings and off site visits staff are permitted to take their personal mobile phones in the event of an emergency. Under no circumstances should the phone be used for anything other than emergencies and not when the children are present. Under no circumstances should the phone be used in camera or video mode at any point.

  • Where there is suspicion that material on a mobile phone or technological device may be unsuitable and may constitute evidence relating to a criminal offfence then the phone or device in question must be made accessible to the manager. If this is not possible then the safeguarding lead will deal with it appropriately.


Use of mobile phones, cameras and technological devices by others (children, parents, visitor and contractors)

  • All staff are to ask any visitors to not use their mobile phones or any other technological device in the main hall or garden when the children are present.  Our preference is that the phone be kept outside in the foyer area.

  • If a visitor has to take a call whilst in the presence of children all staff must ask them to take the call outside in the foyer.

  • In the event of presentations, visitors are asked to only take photographs  of their children unless they gain permission from other families.

  • At the beginning of each presentation we strongly advise against the publication of any photographs or social networking sites.

  • If staff have a suspicion that the material on a mobile phone or technological device may be unsuitable and provide evidence relating to a criminal offence then the parents will be approached. If this is not possible the safeguarding lead will be informed and procedures followed.

  • Staff will follow procedures outlined in the safeguarding policy.


Use of setting’s camera and technological devices

  • The setting has two digital cameras to allow staff to take relevant images of the children.

  • The images are printed out on site and stored securely until they are put into the children’s learning journeys

  • Once printed the images are deleted from the memory card and the camera.

  • We ensure they are only used when at least 1 other member of staff is present.

  • It is not appropriate to take photographs of bruising or injuries on a child for child protection concerns

  • Staff must use the body map and concerns log to record factual observations relating to child protection concerns.

  • The settings mobile phone, camera and any other technological devices must only be used for work related matters

  • No device must be taken off site without prior permission

  • In circumstances where there is a suspicion that the material on a device or mobile phone may be unsuitable and provide evidence relating to a criminal offence, the process outlined in the safeguarding policy will be followed including taking advice from external agencies, e.g., police and LADO.

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