Safeguarding and Welfare Requirement : Safety and Suitability of Premises, Environment and Equipment:

Providers must take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of children, staff and others on the premises.

8.2 Maintaining children’s safety

and security on premises


Policy statement

We maintain the highest possible security of our premises to ensure that each child is safely cared for during their time with us.



Children personal safety:

  • We ensure all employed staff have been checked for criminal records via an enhanced disclosure with children’s barred list check though the Disclosure and Barring Service.

  • Adults do not normally supervise children on their own.

  • All children are supervised by adults at all times.

  • Whenever children are on the premises at least two adults are present.

  • We carry out risk assessment to ensure children are not made vulnerable within any part of our premises, nor by any activity.



  • Systems are in place for the safe arrival and departure of children.

  • The times of the children arrivals and departures are recorded.

  • The arrival and departure times of adults - staff, volunteers and visitors - are recorded.

  • Our systems prevent unauthorised access to our premises.

  • Our systems prevent children from leaving our premises unnoticed.

  • Our staff check the identity of any person who is not known before they enter the premises.

  • We keep front and back doors are locked and shut at all times.

  • The front and back doors are also locked and shut where they made lead to public or unsupervised areas.

  • The personal possessions of staff and volunteers are kept on the stage during sessions.

  • Minimal petty cash is key on the premises during sessions.