Lockdown Procedure


We have processes in place to ensure no unauthorised entry is easily gained.

We keep the main hall doors closed at all times except when accessing the hall during sessions.

We have a double locked entrance to the foyer which is only unlocked for parents and planned visitors.


All staff members are aware of IVFM (identification, verification, Fire and mobile phone policy) procedure when allowing people entry to the building.


In the unlikely event of us having to perform a lock down procedure, the following steps will be taken.


The manager will enter the main hall and shout “Lock”.


The manger will then unlock the side door and the door to the locked storage area whilst calling the police.


The staff will calmly take the children into the locked storage area out of the side exit ensuring no one outside sees them or the children.


The manager will check all other areas of the building have no remaining staff and children and will join everyone in the locked storage and will wait for emergency assistance. 


The procedure will be practiced annually by staff only or earlier if a new member of staff joins our team.


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