COVID-19 Policy


Policy statement

The aim of this policy is to put measures in place to minimise the spread of the coronavirus and to protect staff and children in our setting. If you, your child or a member of your family bubble has symptoms of coronavirus, please stay away and organise a test immediately. We can provide advice on ways to do this. If the test is negative, you can bring your child back to us as soon as you are able to.

The main symptoms of coronavirus

  • A new continuous dry cough

  • A temperature of 37.8 degrees or higher

  • Loss of taste and/or smell

Arriving and picking up

  • Please check your child’s temperature in the morning. Checking them as they arrive in setting could give a false reading especially if they run from the car park to the door. If your child has a temperature over 37.8 degrees or over, please let us know and we will advise on the next steps. We will take the children’s temperatures (non-invasive) throughout the session if we feel the need to do so.

  • Please do not bring your child in if they are showing any signs of being unwell, monitor them and call us for guidance if needed.

  • All children are to be dropped off and collected at the main door, please keep to your allocated time slot to avoid other parents and children. Children will be arriving in groups of 4, only 1 parent or carer is to bring the child to the door, please observe social distancing if you have to queue outside. Parents and carers should avoid coming into the building, if your child is upset you can come in but your temperature will be taken and only if it's below 37.8 degrees will you be allowed in but please leave as promptly as possible.

  • If you do see another parent or carer, please maintain a distance of 2 metres away from them, both inside and outside of the building.

  • Please always maintain a 2-metre distance from staff members.

  • Children will be assisted in the foyer to wash their hands on arrival and throughout the day.


Children’s bags and belongings

  • Please do not bring in any non-essential items from home, including bags. We have a huge supply of clean clothes here if your child needs to change for any reason. If your child wears a nappy please supply us with some for that day, we will supply wipes.

  • All staff and children must wear freshly laundered clothes every day. We advise parents to change their children’s clothes once they return home too. 

  • Please do not allow your child to bring in any toys from home.

  • Please ensure you have applied sun cream to your child in the morning. If your child is staying all day, please leave sun cream with us so we can reapply at lunchtime. Your child will need a sun hat, please ensure their name is clearly written on it.

  • If your child is bringing in a packed lunch, please use a plastic container that can be easily cleaned and try to ensure they can open everything independently. Staff are happy to open packets of food for children but must wash their hands before and after doing so.

  • Your child will need to bring a water bottle, we will be able to refill it during the day if needed.

  • We will not be able to provide snack during this period so please bring a snack from home.


What to do if your child or someone in your household is displaying symptoms of coronavirus

If your child or someone in your household has any of the symptoms mentioned previously please stay at home and self-isolate until you get the results of your test. If the test is negative, your child can return as soon as they feel well enough to. If the result is positive you must let us know immediately as everyone in your child’s bubble will have to be informed and closed. As well as this, you and your family must self-isolate for 14 days.


What happens if a child shows signs of coronavirus within the setting

Parents or carers will be called to collect the child. A member of staff will wear personal protective equipment and separate the child from the rest of the bubble in a separate room until the child is collected. The room and all resources will be cleaned immediately along with the staff and children’s hands. The child will have to get a test and if it is positive, we will close that group down for 14 days. We would then deep clean the setting before opening to another bubble.


Closure of the setting

We do not anticipate having to close the whole setting as we have bubbles of children and are not mixing staff between the bubbles. We would only have to close completely if the manager tested positive for coronavirus as they will be in the setting full time with all groups of staff and children.


Playing and Learning

The children will not be expected to social distance from each other or staff members nor should staff or children wear masks. 

They should feel safe and secure in our setting. We will have much smaller groups of children and limited, easily cleaned resources. As per our guidance we will have limited shared messy play so if we use sand and water it will be in individual named trays for single child use.


Attending other settings

At this moment we cannot accept children who attend two settings as it increases the risk to staff and children. Government guidelines are to keep children in small groups and not mix between the groups, because of this sibling will be placed in the same group regardless of age.


Outside of our setting

It is expected that all parents and carers are following government guidelines regarding social distancing and the number of people you can mix with at this current time. Any breach of this will result in your child’s place being suspended. 

This policy will be reviewed regularly and updated as and when needed by the government guidelines.

This policy was adopted at a meeting of: St Peter’s Thundersley Pre-School

Held on: 18th June 2020

Date to be reviewed: 31st August 2020 or before if guidance changes

Signed on behalf of the committee: S Collom

Name of signatory: Sara Collom

Role of signatory: Registered Manager